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October 2017

SGA 2017

UTMB's Student Government Association (SGA) has committed $265,500 toward eight scholarships and the new Health Education Center. Tim Allen (top left), Eric Wold, Andrew DeCrescenzo (bottom left) and Amy Khong were among the SGA's leadership who had a role in the gifts to UTMB. Other SGA leaders also behind the gifts are Emily Davis, Samee Hameed, Erik Linde, who graduate last year for the School of Nursing, and Alexis Williams.

UTMB's Student Government Association commits $265,500 for scholarships, new Health Education Center

UTMB’s Student Government Association has made two significant contributions to the university this year, totaling $265,500, to help build the new Health Education Center and to establish eight endowed scholarships.

The association’s membership voted in March to devote $115,500 to create eight scholarships—two for each of the university’s four schools. The scholarships, the first of their kind in the association’s history, benefit exemplary students in leadership positions on the UTMB campus or in their communities. The scholarships may be awarded before the end of the year.

In August, the Student Government Association (SGA) approved a $150,000 contribution toward the Health Education Center, a centerpiece of the $50 million Innovations in Mind fundraising initiative. In honor of the SGA’s generosity, the university will place the association’s name in the main lobby of the five-story building, now under construction near the Schools of Health Professions and Nursing building.

The Health Education Center (HEC) is the first significant addition to UTMB’s educational infrastructure in four decades. When it opens, the center will serve as a central location where students from each school can engage in health care training using the latest simulation technologies designed to mirror realistic health care settings.

“We’re excited to give back to our university for the construction of such an impressive building, and we’re excited to set up scholarships that will benefit student leaders for many years to come,” said Emily Davis, a UTMB graduate student and member of the SGA’s executive committee.

UTMB President Dr. David Callender applauded the SGA’s generosity in committing such sizable gifts to the university.

“All of us at UTMB are grateful to receive the SGA’s support for the Health Education Center and the endowed scholarship,” he said. “These gifts are especially meaningful because they have been contributed by students for students. They also indicate the commitment UTMB students have to ensuring that a high quality health care education will be accessible to all for many years to come.”

Fourth year medical student Amy Khong presided over the SGA last year as its executive president. She said the group’s decision to create the scholarships was one she holds especially close to her heart.

“We wanted to support and encourage student leaders to continue to exemplify the qualities that UTMB embodies,” Khong said. “It’s exciting that we’re able to give back to the students what they truly deserve for being such great members of the community and university.”

The SGA’s constitution, Davis explained, states that the association’s primary role is to represent and unite all students at UTMB by enhancing relationships across its four schools. The association’s gifts, she said, “fulfills its promise to students.”

“For me, personally, I’m proud to see a tangible example of what student leaders can do on the UTMB campus,” Davis said.




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