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Health Education Center Floor Plans

The Health Education Center is an essential part of the university's long-term vision to improve health and improve lives in Texas and beyond. It will provide both the space and technology to increase enrollment and train students to work in interprofessional teams for the benefit of patients.

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First Floor:  Collaborative Learning and Social Area Complex
HEC floor 1

On the first floor, students, faculty, staff and visitors will enter the main promenade featuring social areas, collaborative learning studios, a cafe overlooking an outdoor terrace, expansive windows, donor recognition panels, and an open staircase featuring a suspended art installation. This floor will be a space that supports spontaneous interactions between students, faculty and staff to foster collaboration and creativity in problem-solving and learning. Special features on this floor include student study and lounge space and an ambulance bay for simulated trauma exercises.

Second Floor:  Clinical Skills Training Complex

HEC floor 2

The second floor will focus on the basic principles that all students at UTMB are required to perfect in order to pursue a career in one of the health professions.  This floor will house a virtual skills lab, where students will work on high fidelity simulators to develop expertise in the skills they need to be successful.

Third Floor:  Women and Children's Health Simulation Complex

HEC floor 3

This floor will focus on the health needs of women and children -- to provide the very best in obstetrical and gynecological training, as well as birth, neonatal, and pediatric care training for our students. By practicing techniques using manikins, students are able to refine their skills on complex cases in low risk environments.

Fourth Floor:  Standardized Patient Training Complex

HEC floor 4

On the fourth floor, students will work with specially trained actors who simulate a wide range of medical conditions. This helps build students' diagnostic skills and teaches them to see each patient as a distinct individual, reinforcing the value of compassion in health care. The floor will feature waiting areas, examination rooms, and recreate the environment of a working clinic to provide students with realistic training before entering the workforce. Special features on this floor include a simulated nursing station and offices for faculty and staff who oversee the standardized patient activities.

Fifth Floor:  Critical Care Simulation Complex

HEC floor 5

The top floor will prepare our students for the most critical of all cases, from the emergency room to the critical care unit. They will learn how to work in teams to train for disasters and mass casualty situations, long before they are faced with the crises where human life is at the greatest risk. Special features on this floor include simulated operating rooms that resemble the the suites in the new Jennie Sealy Hospital, simulated Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unit and a simulated ICU nursing station.




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